Torsion Mobile Team

Christian Gurney, President & CEO

Christian Gurney, a co-founder of Torsion Mobile, serves as the President & CEO, leading the team with over three decades of experience in designing and delivering cutting-edge software solutions. With a rich background in technology business leadership, Christian has a track record of resolving complex development issues. He brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as past-president of NASDAQ-listed firm CE Software and as a director of IT for Catalog Media Corporation. Christian is also the co-founder of KG InterDev, known for its web technologies used by leading firms like Mecum Auctions. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Christian is well-versed in navigating the challenges of the industry.

Richard Kirsner, Vice President & CFO

As another co-founder of Torsion Mobile, Richard Kirsner holds the position of Vice President & CFO, overseeing all financial operations and investor relations. With a background as a certified public accountant and extensive experience in tax accounting, Richard brings a diverse business background to the team. Prior to Torsion Mobile, he co-founded KG InterDev and served as past-president of CE Software. His career also includes roles as CFO of various companies, ownership of businesses in diverse sectors, and founding Sud Cable Services in France. Richard’s educational background encompasses architecture, studio art, and business from institutions like the University of Illinois and the University of Iowa.

William Cade Cannon, CTO

Leading the development team at Torsion Mobile is William Cade Cannon, known as Cade. With previous roles as primary architect and development team lead at Synapse Multimedia, Cade brings expertise in agile software development and bio-informatics systems. His achievements include developing content management systems for mid-market local television stations and bioinformatics systems for Louisiana State University Health Science Center. A graduate of LSU Shreveport, Cade is adept at leveraging technology to drive innovation.

Tony Leo, Developer

Tony Leo contributes to the Torsion Mobile team as a developer specializing in user experience development. With a background as a front-end developer for US News & World Report and experience in digital publishing, Tony brings a unique blend of design and programming skills to the team. His accomplishments include developing Apple iPad applications and designing website content for major publishers. A graduate of Grand View College, Tony’s expertise enhances the user experience of Torsion Mobile’s products.

Dave Rowe, Developer

Leading the infrastructure and back-end systems for Torsion Mobile is Dave Rowe, bringing a wealth of experience from roles at Red Cedar Solutions Group and beyond. With a deep knowledge of relational databases, Linux, and Java technologies, Dave’s expertise ensures the scalability and performance of Torsion Mobile’s systems. His experience spans enterprise portal solutions, medical records systems, and point of sale implementations. A graduate of the University of Nebraska – Omaha, Dave’s technical acumen is instrumental in driving the success of Torsion Mobile.